Kala Jadu Ka Tor-Kala Jadoo Ka Quran Se Tor In Hindi

Kala Jadu Ka Tor-Kala Jadoo Ka Quran Se Tor In Hindi ,” kala jadoo or black art is sort of a curse for all those that area unit affected by its evil effects. the consequences of kala jadoo area unit long lasting and have terribly harsh repercussions on the person on whom it’s done. The person reels underneath the consequences and works as per the person to bring negative effects on oneself. Now-a-days, you’ll be able to see many women affected with black art and its harmful effects.

The negative effects may vary from rejected wedding proposals, to late wedding, physiological condition, then forth touching the regular lifetime of the person. thus if you’re facing such issues you’ll be able to perpetually apply Muslim ‘Kala Jadoo Ka Tor’ to urge eliminate the evil effects. you would like to perform this wazifa with devotion and respect for the Almighty Allah by providing prayers for 5 times.


Now, coming to the process of performing the dua to get rid of kala jadoo:

  1. First you need to cleanse yourself;
  2. Then you need to write the Dua as mentioned , in a white paper devoid of any dirt;
  3. Now, make a wick of the paper. You can make a wick by rolling this paper and forming the shape of pipe like structure to light it in an oil lamp (earthen diya);
  4. After, making the wick you need to tie it with blue thread then roll the wick with cotton to light it in an earthen lamp;
  5. Now, take a earthen diya and wash it with clean water to cleanse it;
  6. You need to get pure mustard oil to light the earthen lamp placing the wick in the mustard oil;
  7. Now, keep the earthen diya ready and after twilight or during night prayers make ‘wudu’ (cleanse yourself with water). Remember, you should be alone in the room while doing this.
  8. Light the earthen diya and keep seeing the diya until it burns down. Note: The affected person should see the paper burning and not anyone else.
  9. After burning you should bury the ash and the left-over of the paper wick in to the ground. Or you can also bury it in a earthen flower vase or flow it in pure water like ponds, lakes and rivers;
  10. To get best and desired results you need to perform this wazifa continuously for 7 days or 9 days. Remember, you should not skip it a single day or you have to start it all over again;
  11. After you finish doing this wazifa you will feel the difference and Inshah Allah all your problems will come to an end and whatever black magic is done will be removed soon by the Grace of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala, Ameen.  Insha

Note:- If you are in your monthly periods then please do not do this wazifa for seven days starting the date of menstruation.

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