Islamic Dua For Your Boyfriend To Marry You

Islamic Dua For Your Boyfriend To Marry You ,” Boys often like to be in relationships, but they’re always scared of commitment. they will love their girlfriends tons , but they get timidity when the subject of marriage comes up. This dua will make your boyfriend comply with marry you, and you’ll always be together.

  • First, perform wuzu properly.
  • Then, recite the Surah Yaseen for three consecutive times from the Quran
  • Then, repeat Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu for 303 times without stopping
  • Next, make a fervent prayer to Allah to solve your problems and to make your boyfriend agree to marry you.

Your boyfriend will not be able to stay away for long after that and will soon send a formal proposal of marriage.

You can also try another wazifa.

  • First, perform ablution and wear clean clothes.
  • Make sure you read the five times namaz daily
  • Then, early in the morning or in the evening, recite the Surah Yaseen for three times
  • After that, for 303 times recite the Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu
  • Then, again read the Durood Shareef for three times
  • After that, recite the following amal:

Laqaad jaa akum rasulam min anfushikam azeezum alayahi alayum bilmoomina ra oofur Raheem

  • Then, write this amal on a paper and write your boyfriend’s name after it
  • Finally, again, read the Durood Shareef 3 times
  • Then, bury the paper deep in the ground

Your boyfriend will soon propose to marry you. With the dua for my boyfriend to like me, you’ll surely be ready to confirm you spend the remainder of your life with the person you’re keen on .

Dua To Get Ex-Boyfriend Back

Boys can very easily leave a woman and attend somebody else , but that doesn’t mean that the girl doesn’t love him. He won’t even know what a terrible mistake he had made by letting go of the girl who loves him such a lot . you’ll ask him to return back to you. you’ll also use a wazifa to urge your ex- boyfriend back and keep him in check .

  • Take a piece of paper and write down the following:

Hurriyat al e adeem nammo kadr husn ellahi al jubani al haajami bihadi wa kadim julam kulm qadir sadagi kahl e shahjud adada khalqihi nasif nafahiq qadar amen

  • Then, put a rose petal in the paper
  • Please fold the paper and close it so that it does not open
  • Then throw in into running water

The more you do it, the better chances of ensuring your boyfriend loves you only and never leaves you again.

  • Also, you have to recite Ya Wadodoo for 100 times as soon as you rise in the morning and before going to bed at night.
  • Also, throughout the day, you have to recite the Ya Raofoo. Read this at least 101 times or for as many times throughout the day as possible.
  • Then, before going to bed at night, recite this powerful dua:

Minal Abdeedh dhaleelllaal mawlal jalee.

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