Wazifa To Get The Baby Out in Child Labour

Wazifa To Get The Baby Out in Child Labour ,” If woman is giving birth and the baby is not coming out and the labour is going on for hours.

Some one should write this ayet…ayet no 37 and 38 of Surah Yasin …

Va inna hul laila………..takdeer ul azizil aleem

in wudu and wrap it in a clean piece of cloth. Tie it on the right thigh of the pregnant woman.

The baby will come immediately.

Warning: You must remove the cloth as soon as the baby come out. If you will not remove it all the intestines of the woman will come out too. You must be quick about it. Be ready to remove the Taveez/vafk quickly.

After removing it please burry it in the ground where no one steps on it or tie it with a stone and throw it in water.

Do not burn it.

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