Kisi Ka Rishta Rokne Ya Todne Ki Dua In Hindi

Kisi Ka Rishta Rokne Ya Todne Ki Dua In Hindi ,” You all will know that the relationship is confirmed before getting married. If the boy and the girl become happy with the relationship, then they are married. If a person is not happy with the relationship, then an attempt is made to stop or break the relationship. There are many reasons to stop or break the relationship. When a person cheats on you, and he is going to marry someone else. You get very angry. You are not able to control your mind. That is why you look for kisi ka rishta rokne ya todne ki dua. You can stop or break the relationship of any person with blessings.

When you talk to your lover or girlfriend about love marriage, then he breaks his ties with you by making some excuse. Relationships make your life beautiful. But sometimes this relationship stands with a lot of complications in your life. How to be in a relationship And how should the relationship break up. The matter is not so straightforward. No rules and any thing can apply to every relationship. It cannot apply to every human being, it is best to stop or break someone’s relationship. No matter what measures you take. But how is your relationship, only you can understand it better. Only you can understand which person you are with.

Kisi Ka Rishta Todne Ki Dua

It is not a good thing to break a person’s relationship. But when you are deceived in love, then it is permissible to do all. Often, relationships break up, one is unable to speak properly and the other does not understand his words. Is your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you? Going to have a relationship with someone else. You do not want to see that relationship being formed. You want to break his relationship. Today we will tell you the blessings of breaking someone’s relationship. Your love or lover’s relationship will break after reading the dua.

Love is a part of life that happens suddenly without anyone knowing and understanding. But you have to win the trust of someone from the heart. Relationships in which there is no trust in each other. That relationship breaks up in a few days. Therefore, it is very important to maintain trust in relationships. After reading the dua, your relationship can be broken and you can get your love back again. Just you have to do this prayer only for your legitimate motivation.

Nowadays it has become a common practice to have a love relationship with someone. Everyone is in a boy girl love relationship. In relationship, if your partner does not understand you, then you understand him. Otherwise, the relationships that begin on mobile end on mobile. To avoid a relationship it is very important to understand each other. The human relationship within Ego is also weak and broken. And both have to live their lives with regret.

Shadi Ka Rishta Todne Ki Dua

Due to some compulsion, you are ready to marry with the likes of family members. But your heart is beating for someone else. Sometimes situations arise that intentionally end a relationship with a lover or lover. The heart is broken by ending the relationship. But due to the respect of the family, one has to remain silent. If you are not happy with getting married, and you want to marry your lover or girlfriend, then you can break the marriage relationship with the help of Dua.

Have you been engaged to a girl or a boy. And you are not at all happy with that engagement. You live day and night thinking that if you get married, you will not be happy with it. Therefore, you read the blessing of breaking the marriage relationship. The effect of which breaks the relationship of your marriage. If you do not know about any prayer, then you can talk to us.

A lot of things have to be thought about before breaking the relationship of your own marriage. The helplessness has to be buried in a corner. Because when you go to break the relationship, a lot of trouble will try to stop your path. You always have to remember one thing, the relationship should break. When there is someone else in the life of the person in front. Meaning if he cheats on you, he can never be forgiven. Because it is not a mistake to cheat someone, it is their own decision. So for such a person, your marriage relationship should never be broken.

Rishta Rokne Ya Todne Ki Dua

Do you want to stop or break a girl or boy relationship in 3 days? Whether the relationship has happened or is going to happen. With this prayer you can get someone’s relationship finished in 3 days. You should only use your prayers. When you need it very much. A lot of your efforts are to stop or break the relationship. But your hand is not able to break the relationship. At that time, keep this prayer in your heart.

  • Must read 3 days before your relationship. Because dua is 3 days old.
  • You should use a place of peace to pray. Where no person comes and goes.
  • Before performing this dua, take a bath and wear new clothes.
  • You will have to ban the prayers of 5 times a day. After that a white paper is to be taken. Write down your lover or girlfriend whose relationship is broken.
  • On top of that, 4 people, 4 chilies, 5 cardamom, and 5 types of sweets. Wrap them all in the same paper.
  • After that, ask your Molavi ji, he has to read his 71 times.
  • Insha Allah you will get news of the break up in 3 days.

In today’s era, you pray for such a true companion to Allah. And instead of that, you get such a person in life. Which ruins and ruins your life. Love is in that person’s heart only for you.
But marries someone else. Now, whether he does so for any reason. But life will be bad for you. And the loss will also be yours from all sides.

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