Jadu Tone Se Bachne Ka Mujarrib Amal

Jadu Tone Se Bachne Ka Mujarrib Amal ,” As these days this thing has become very common in the world. People have now changed their way of rivalry with others. They left the past tradition of physical fighting rather now they destroy the rival with evil invisible powers through magic. So, if some person is suffering from the bad effects of magic here is an easy and effective and powerful wazifa for getting rid of these attacks.

The will have to recite “BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHEEM” for 100 times after every Salah and then blow on a glass of water and drink the water. Also recite Darood Sharif 7(seven) times in start and end. After drinking water do Dua to get the Help of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL with the WASILAH(mediation) of this wazifa in your matter.

URDU: – Aj kal yeh masla bara he aam ho gya ha kun k logon nai apni dushmani k andaz ko change kar dia ha. Ab log rivaiti tareeqai say nahi larte balke roohani tor par nuqsan pohnchate hain jadu bandish karva k….lihaza agar koi jadu k asrat main giraftar hai usay yeh karna hai keh Panchon Namazon k baad 100 martaba “BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHEEM” parrh kar pani pai dam kar k pee lai or awal akhir 7 baar darood pak bhi parhe or pani peenai k baad ALLAH PAK say madad mangai is amal k wasilay say apni problem door honai k lye.

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