How to Remove Black Magic In Islam

How to Remove Black Magic In Islam ,” At this time we will inform you that how to remove black magic spell in Islam since indirectly we have many masses methods but Islamic methods are most strong and powerful now this time according to get the favorable result. Black magic is the negative energy that we used for the negative purpose.

  1. Make a fresh ablution.
  2. Write the above-written dua on a pure and clean white paper;
  3. Afterward, make a wick of this paper making a wick means the roll of it in a style of a pipe or wick. So that we can light an oil lamp.
  4. Then tie this paper wick with a cotton thread of blue color.
  5. Afterward, wrap this paper wick with a cotton and make it like a wick to light in the oil lamp.
  6. Get one earthen oil lam (wash it with water to cleanse it).
  7. Get some cold press extracted oil like mustard or any other. Pour this oil into this earthen oil lamp.
  8. After twilight or night obligatory prayers.
  9. Make a wudu and alone in a room light this paper wick in an earthen oil lamp.
  10. Effected person keep seeing and observing this lighted flames of this earthen oil lamp.
  11. See this till the entire paper wick finished after burning.
  12. Bury the residuals of paper wick in ground, or in the soil of earthen vase or let it go in the pure water like pond or river.
  13. Perform this wazifa continuously in this way exactly for at least 7 days or 9 days without skipping any single day.
  14. Insha ALLAH whatever black magic or spell has been done on you will be removed by The Grace of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala, Ameen.

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