How To Get Rid of Devils ( Aaseb ) With The Help of Quran

How To Get Rid of Devils ( Aaseb ) With The Help of Quran ,” As salamu allaiqum, When the evil jinns get into the bodies of someone and begin dominant his thought method, then the person is alleged to be ‘possessed’ by devils/jinns.
In some cases the devils enter into the kinsfolk because of some attraction like kinsfolk have amongst each the sexes. but principally it happens once the devils become vindictive. this might happen once somebody’s being causes them some bother accidentally.
For example, if a person urinates on a heap of rubbish wherever some devil could be taking rest, therefore the devil feels that the person has on purpose caused him bother then he takes revenge by getting into his body.

The jinns area unit quite cruel and ignorant naturally and typically similar to some mischief mongers amongst humans, the jinns too behave in an exceedingly mischievous approach and enter kinsfolk to provide them bother.
If such devils attempt talking with the person then they ought to be with courtesy requested to depart. just in case the devils area unit attracted towards the actual person in whose body they wind up, they ought to be reminded that they’re doing an excellent sin (gunahe kabira). though there’s a mutual agreement amongst each the jinss and therefore the soul, then too this can be thought-about to be vulgar and may be a sin for each the parties.

If the jinn has entered the body to require revenge, then he ought to be told that the person didn’t do any factor advisedly and he has the correct to behave in any explicit approach in his own house. Since the jinns themselves trespass into another person’s property ,so that person can’t be control chargeable for any damage he has caused to him, primarily as a result of the jinns aren’t visible to the human eye.


This amal can be followed in both the above mentioned cases. Read verse no.4 Surah Yusuf 500 times daily and verse no.33 Surah Rehman 500 times daily.
Write verse no.102 Surah Baqarah on 7 china plates with rose or saffron and drink the water from 1 plate daily till 7 days at Read this verse 7 times each on 7 roses and blow on it and rub each rose daily till 7 days. You can later on throw the roses in flowing water bodies like a river or stream. Lastly,make a naqsh out of this verse and hang it around your neck. Inshallah, all the devilish powers may leave the body.

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