How To Find a Murshid or Sheikh

How To Find a Murshid or Sheikh

How To Find a Murshid or Sheikh ,” Completing a trap (Baya) of a Murshid or Sheik is Sunnah. There are a few places in the life of our dearest Prophet (sallal laho alaihe wa aalehi wa sallam) that he baited (Baya) of Sahaba. The most well known is called Bait-I-Ridvan, which is said in Quran. Allah says in Quran in regards to that snare (Baya) that “It was not your hand that they took for trap but rather My hand”. Calling the hand of Rasullullah (sallal laho alaihe wa aalehi wa sallam) HIS OWN HAND. Rejecting it by and large is kufur and will transform you into a kafir in a flash. Since you just declined to accept what the hadis says and you have denied all ayets in Quran about Aulia Allah.

As per Hadis

1- “If you died without doing a bait (Baya) you died as a fasiq”

2-“If you died without doing a bait (Baya) you died an ignorant (Jahil) death”

3-“If you dont have a Sheikh (murshid/spiritual guide) your sheikh is Sheytan”

For the past 1400 years muslims have been doing bait (baya) of a Sheikh.

This is a true method and you will see your future Sheikh/Murshid/Piir in your dream, if you keep on doing this wazifa every night.

1 . Read two Rakat Nafall and with Niyyah -intention asking Allah for your Wali-Murshid Spiritual Sheikh.

Read 313 times Salawat/darood Naariyah 

Please keep on doing it until you are told where to go to seek your sheikh. insha’a Allah you will see it in your dream within a week. 

It would be ideal if you continue doing it until the point when you are advised where to go to look for your sheik. insha’a Allah you will see it in your fantasy inside seven days.

Before you begin any wazifa, recollect that all wazifas given by me are endorsed by Sayyedina Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi (Rehmatullah Alaih) actually. My lord has charitably endorsed my wazifas.

You should send all savab/Hasana of what ever wazifa you do, to him first. At exactly that point the wazifas will work. If you don’t mind read painstakingly how to send the savab effectively from this site.

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  1. my daughter in law and her mother are experts in tawiz and kala jadoo. They have changed my son’s thinking and he obey them like a servant secondly they are giving me pain and sickness regularly.
    example. i told my son i want to go for Ummrah ,he said ok we will all go, after 4 days i started to have pain in my right leg and it was difficult to even walk,This pain became very severe when i reached Mecca ,but i continued to perform Ummrah.
    After coming back to karachi i read MANZIL for two days and on the third day i vomited blood . After half hour i was perfctly all right. i want to put permanent stop to this . my bahoo is very cruel person personally..My bahoo wants her mother to come and live with he in my place so theu can both enjoy life.

  2. I am from India. I am educated persons. Since two years iam trying for govt job. Is there any wazifa for got a govt job early

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