How to Defeat The Black Magic Witch With The Help of Quran

How to Defeat The Black Magic Witch With The Help of Quran ,” As salamu allaiqum, These evil witches belong to the cluster of jinns. these ar terribly dreadful, stinking and abhorable creatures whose aim is to focus on innocent folks, particularly kids or youngsters .These creatures lead folks to destruction, sexually assault innocent folks and by mistreatment their evil strategies, they suck the blood from the bodies of their victims, thereby killing them.
These witches ar abundantly in demand amongst the determined magicians and different sorcery practitioners as a result of with the assistance of those witches, the magicians ar ready to fulfill their needs and ambitions terribly simply and in an exceedingly rather more gratifying manner as compared to different evil creatures like evil souls, hanuman, evil devils etc
These witches savor human heart and kidneys and it they are doing not leave something within the body aside from bones and items of skin
They do not return beneath the form of government of the magicians simply however once they are doing, they create him fulfill their sinful demands. The magicians ar compelled to kill children and provide their blood, heart and kidneys to appease them. They ceaselessly create such cruel demands additionally the} magicians also try and fulfill them so as to stay them beneath their management .


1 Such witches attack their victims at night due to which they feel suffocated.
2 There is difficulty in breathing at night and the victim can feels someone’s nails pricking him.
3 Sometimes the victim feels as if he/she has been held in a tight grip by a woman.
4 The victim feels heaviness in his body and his shoulders all the time.
5 Pain in the body


1 Read Ayatal Kursi 500 times for protection before sleeping since these witches attack at night
2 After reading the Ayatak kursi 500 times ,blow it over a locket of Ayatal kursi which is available in the market or as an alternative write Ayatal Kursi with Saffron on a white paper and make a taweez with it and wear it.
3 Try reading Surah Baqarah in the morning because these witches feel tormented by the holy Quran and leave the victim.
4 Listen to the recording of the azan 11 times each in the morning and in the night.
5 When the witch is visible, the victim should read La hola wala quata illa billa hil ali ul azim or Ayatal kursi and blow on her face. She may scream due to fright and run away.
6 Use a good quality and fresh fragrance itar and keep yourself clean 24 hours.

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